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Format for Applications and Administrative Agreement for Grants

The application for a grant-in aid of research should be typed, concise (restricted to no more than five pages exclusive of curriculum vitae) and addressed to the Secretary, Wellington Medical Research Foundation Inc, PO Box 51-211, Tawa, WELLINGTON 5249.

Applications for support of research will normally be made by the supervisor of the particular project whose research record will be taken into account in the Research Committee's deliberations. This stipulation does not prevent the appropriate recognition of an undergraduate or graduate student or other persons who will be appointed to work on the project but emphasises the line of accountability for funds which may be granted by the Foundation.

Please particularly note that the Foundation does not fund salary and wage costs of a research project.

Applicants are required to provide responses under the headings shown below.

Twelve copies are required but only one requires all signatures.

Applicants should particularly note that they:

  1. must arrange ethical review of any research proposals involving human subjects or animals.

  2. must ensure that their referees send their reports to comply with the timetable given (see paragraph 12).

  3. must ensure that the referees they name are not involved with their work, organisation or section at which the research work will be undertaken.

  4. must ensure that the Host Institution and the signatories are clearly identified on the Administrative Agreement.

Application for grant in aid of research

  1. Personal Data

    Include the applicant's name, qualifications, position, address and telephone number.

  2. Title of Project

  3. Specific Objectives

    Include one paragraph indicating briefly the specific objectives of the proposed research.

  4. Subject Review

    Include a brief background review of the problem, with references.

  5. Method and Research Plans

    Provide a brief description with references of how the problem is to be tackled, indicating experimental and statistical methods, animals etc to be used, precautions to be taken and justifying the number of specimens, or animal and human subjects to be studied.

  6. Potential Significance of Project

    Indicate the potential significance of the project.

  7. Research Site and Resources

    Indicate location of research and available resources.

  8. Assistance Required

    Indicate the nature of the assistance requested with justification. Please detail the amounts required. Sometimes it may only be possible to assist in part, therefore applicants should list priorities.

  9. Assistance Available

    Indicate such other assistance as is already, or may be, available for the project including, financial etc.

  10. Time Available and Duration of Project

    Indicate the estimated time to be spent by each person on the project expressed as a proportion of their total working hours. The estimated duration of the project should also be stated.

  11. Research Experience

    Indicate research experience of the personnel, particularly in the field related to the project.

  12. Referees
    State names, addresses and positions held by at least two referees. Send a copy of your application to each of your referees and request they send a report to the Secretary of the Foundation, regarding the scientific value and medical relevance of the proposal and the capacity of the investigator to conduct the research. Referees must not be involved with your work or organisation or section at which your research work will be undertaken. Substantial collaborators may write letters of support. The Chairman of the Research Advisory Committee may from time to time request a review from another independent referee. The Foundation attaches importance to the objectivity of referees. Referees reports should reach the Secretary, PO Box 51-211, Tawa, Wellington 5249, not later than Tuesday 21 March 2017. This date will be advised in the letter acknowledging receipt of your application.

  13. Ethical Review
    Provide a statement to the effect that the proposed work involving human or animal experimentation has been approved by an appropriate committee. Funds cannot be allocated prior to ethical approval of the study but applications may be considered while ethical review is being completed.

  14. Curriculum Vitae
    Append to each copy of the application an abbreviated CV of members of the project team, such CV not to exceed two pages.


Administrative Agreement - Download and print off for the Application. Please use the last page for signing the Agreement.


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