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Reports of research work funded by grants prior to 2016

University of Otago Wellington

Effect Of Short-Term Temperature Changes On Energy Expenditure

T O’Donnell
Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia

This study is aiming to modify the temperature participants are exposed to, at the same time measuring energy expenditure, by lowering the outside temperature.

We have now successfully gained ethical approval for this study through the central HDEC committee.  This is proof of the scientific validity and safety protocols for conducting this study at the Centre for Translational Physiology.

We have successfully now carried out pilot testing on the protocol for this study and are progressing to participant recruitment for formal trials.  Studies begun in late July with participants appearing to be comfortable in the experimental conditions.  We expect to have early preliminary results available for the writing of our next report.  

In addition, with the support from the WMRF we have been able to secure funding for a DXA unit and core temperature monitoring system which will be utilised by this project to improve the quality of any subsequent outputs.


Effect Of Short-Term Temperature Changes On Energy Expenditure

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