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Application For Grants In Aid Of Research

The closing date for the next round of grant applications is in March 2018.

The Council of the Foundation is making available grants to support a wide range of research projects related to the objects of the Foundation. The Council would appreciate your assistance in displaying this notice in the appropriate place together with the enclosed:

  1. Information about Funds for cardiovascular medicine research, diabetic diseases and kidney research.
  2. Format for applications for grants in aid of research. (Three pages)
  3. Information and Conditions. (Three pages).

The guidance notes for applicants require careful reading to ensure the obligations involved are understood.

Applications in the prescribed format should reach the Secretary on or before the closing date stipulated for each grant round. The Research Advisory Committee meets shortly after this date to consider each proposal.

Applications received after the closing date are subject to exclusion.

Travel Grant Applications

The closing date for the next round of grant applications - including travel grant applications - is in March 2018.

The Foundation makes available some limited funds for small travel grants.

The grants are designed to assist rather than fund fully, travel which is for the purpose of presenting at appropriate scientific meetings, results of research funded by the Foundation. The funds available are not adequate to meet applications by all who receive research grants.

Applications should reach the Secretary on or before the current closing date shown above. There is no prescribed format for travel grant applications, but three copies should be provided. Applicants should provide plans, objectives and budget for the travel, plus a brief recent CV, and arrange for a letter of support from the relevant Head of the research group or department.

K R Macdonald Secretary

The Grant Applications page gives access to a complete set of material.

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