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Hands up to a long, healthy and fulfilling life

In the past 100 years medical and biomedical research has delivered a much better quality and quantity of life for New Zealanders, but the needs are still great and the mission to save lives and improve people’s lives is never complete.

The focus of Research For Life support is on funding researchers in the early stages of their careers who, through their work, also advance the quality of healthcare in the Wellington region and beyond. That’s making an important investment in exceptional talent for the future – which is good for education, the wellbeing of people and our innovation economy.

Young talented researchers are passionate about advancing understandings that promise to uncover discoveries that will really help people. That’s a powerful force when combined with the supervision of experienced medical research professionals in institutions such as at the University of Otago’s Wellington School of Medicine, Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University, ESR and the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research.

Research For Life funds work across many medical areas, including research into the basic understanding of cancer, kidney disease and conditions of particular concern in the Wellington region, such as asthma.

All projects are subject to rigorous peer review and applications must include independent referee reports.

A compelling and attractive good-cause for bequests and public gifting

  • Basic medical research helps build medical, health and scientific knowledge, and leads to breakthroughs that create a legacy in health and wellbeing.

  • Medical research allows people to feel they are easily making a tangible difference to peoples’ quality and length of life, as well as contributing to educational and economic advancement.

  • Social and market research consistently shows that health and education are two upper-most concerns of New Zealanders, and medical research uniquely addresses both.

  • Information and activities around personal health issues, (e.g. exercise and preventive behaviours) has expanded as the importance of these factors has become far better appreciated.

  • Foundation grants are rigorously assessed by highly qualified professionals to ensure they are made to those whose research will contribute most benefit.

With your help... there is hope

Medical research is identified by the United Nations as one of the three critical missions for humanity in every country and region because it consistently advances the health, education and wellbeing of citizens.

By working with Research For Life on some significant health problems, you help us to make it possible for people to live healthier, longer and more fulfilling lives.

Funding support for Research For Life can even be responsive to the areas where donors wish support to go, while experienced professionals ensure it is invested where there are genuine merit and discovery opportunities.


Research For Life is an incubator for medical research and a pathway to better outcomes for people.

Some of the projects currently funded are about:

Cardiovascular disease



Childhood urinary tract infection

Multiple Sclerosis

Meningococcal disease

Stroke therapy

Marine natural products as
potential new therapies


Metabolic stem cell & regenerative biology

Investigating the genetic basis for individual
differences in drug response

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