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Diane Kenwright’s research at the University of Otago Wellington

Poor outcomes in colon cancer under investigation


New Zealand has one of the highest rates of colorectal carcinoma in the world. It is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in males and the second in females.

In this project we will use electron microscopy to investigate the intracellular location of two proteins linked to poor outcomes in colon cancer. This will help determine their role in tumour spread.

Tiny fragments of this tissue will be stained with gold labelled antibodies to determine the action of these proteins.

The study is being done in partnership with Associate Professor Esin Atik who is a visiting research fellow from Turkey, currently in the department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine. Tissue is being donated from cancer patients to a newly started tumour bank at the University of Otago, Wellington.

Poor outcomes in colon cancer under investigation

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