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Research For Life launches new $80,000 Postdoctoral Fellowship

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Research For Life (RFL) today announced that it has launched a new Postdoctoral Fellowship in the form of an annual salary up to the value of $80,000 per year to support the professional development of an outstanding early-career medical or biomedical researcher. Applications are open.

Applicants for the Fellowship must hold a Doctor of Philosophy degree and undertake the Fellowship in an appropriate Wellington research institution.

Research For Life’s Chair Dr Lance Lawler said, “This new RFL Postdoctoral Fellowship provides an additional pathway to support innovative quality research undertaken by researchers in the early stages of their careers.”

“The Postdoctoral Fellowship is a further means to supporting local researchers and research institutions whose work will advance the quality of healthcare in the Wellington region and beyond.”

The Fellowship may be awarded, depending upon the scope of the successful applicant's research project for either one or two years, and be undertaken within and with the support of an appropriate Wellington-based research institution.

Applications from young researchers not currently permanently employed by the hosting research institution will have preference.

Further information about the RFL Postdoctoral Fellowship, including Application Guidelines and an Application Form, can be found on the RFL website. See Link.

The closing date for the 2022 RFL Postdoctoral Fellowship is 5.00 pm on Monday, 21 March 2022.

Established in 1960, RFL provides seed funding for medical and biomedical researchers whose work, while often fundamental, contributes to improved outcomes in our community.

During the last financial year, year-ending June 2020, RFL approved 11 research grants to local medical researchers to the value of $136,055. In the previous year, 14 research and 20 travel grants totaling $189,511 were approved.

See the 2021 AGM photo gallery.


About Research For Life

Research For Life is the public face of the Wellington Medical Research Foundation.

Our Mission

Supporting innovative quality research with a focus on funding those researchers in the early stages of their careers, who – through their work – will advance the quality of healthcare in the Wellington region and beyond.

Role of the Foundation

Research For Life (Wellington Medical Research Foundation) is dedicated to supporting and encouraging young, talented people to engage in medical and biomedical research.

The Foundation considers appropriate applications from all individuals and research groups in the Wellington region. We currently lend our support in particular to the University of Otago, Wellington - School of Medicine and Health Sciences; Massey University; Victoria University of Wellington; ESR; and the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research.

The need for medical research

Major discoveries in medicine have been made and continue to be made through fundamental and applied research. By funding such research, we aim to be at the forefront of medical knowledge and technical ability.

Achievements of the Foundation

The Foundation has funded work in many areas, including research into the basic understanding of cancer, kidney disease and conditions of particular concern in the Wellington region, such as asthma.

The Wellington Medical Research Foundation is a registered charity, registration number: CC10659



Research For Life launches new $80,000 Postdoctoral Fellowship

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