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A deep commitment to medical research in Wellington


This will be an exciting year for Research For Life. A new round of grant applications has been received and some new research activities will be supported this year.

Research For Life is focused on deepening its commitment to research in Wellington. To recap, the Wellington Medical Research Foundation is dedicated to supporting and encouraging young, talented people to engage in medical and biomedical research.

In 2016 Research For Life resolved to actively work with the community and raise more money from public donors and anyone prepared to support, in any way, the great cause of medical and biomedical research.

So, if you believe that life is too important to leave completely to chance, and that medical and bio-medical research is the best way to improve the quality and length of peoples’ lives,  here are some quick things you can do right now to make a big difference:

Please become a donor

Join our supporter list

LIKE our Facebook page and please Comment and Share regularly

Read and comment on Blog posts regularly – this helps us build traffic and attention.

Thank you for reading this post – you might like to leave a comment below. Promotion of medical and biomedical research, as a great cause for public support, can only be undertaken if the passions and desire to make-a-difference can be shared with many others.

A deep commitment to medical research in Wellington

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